Michelle Irwin

I've always loved to bake and be creative. But, with six children between Russell and I, it was many years before I found time to explore this love and develop the skills involved. Two years studying cake decorating and I dived in. Friends and family first. That gradually became friends of friends and then total strangers saying, "word is your cakes are a bit special". I get so much joy from seeing the faces of customers when they collect their cakes and toppers. Now I can't wait to help others experience the pleasure I get myself from baking that showstopping cake, or creating that jaw-dropping cake topper, that is perfect for the occasion.

Russell Irwin

A long and winding road brought me to Just Roll With It Cakes. I've been everything from an actor to a pub landlord, an estate agent to an airport operations manager. But all those jobs had one thing in common: way too little opportunity to rustle up the perfect coffee and sink my teeth into delectable home-made cake. I also love being my own boss (that's what I am, no matter Michelle may tell you 😉) because it lets me explore my business ideas without limit, be it making a coffee, serving a slice of cake or making a film about cake decorating. How lucky, then, that I have a super-talented wife who is proving the perfect partner at work as well as at home. I look forward to welcoming you to our lovely new cafe, shop and cake craft school, where I hope you'll agree we've hit on a recipe for success.